Montrose, CO Location

Delta, CO Location

Hands down the best shop on the western slope! The team is knowledgeable & will take the time to find the best medical treatment for your needs. They also offer a wide selection of products in many different dosages, so it's easy to find what best suits you.

I lived in Denver for several years, where there is a shop on every block.. Green Meadows has always been my #1. Highly recommend :)

Fiona Thieking

I got my med card about 3 months ago, and stopped by to give their goodies a try!! I was hooked! Cody and Ryan were so friendly and knowledgeable! Now I am in there at least once a week! Their flower is top shelf and the concentrates are always fire!!!! Please please stop in and say hello!!! P.S. lots of new features, so be sure to stop in and take a peek!!

Candice Hundley

Best medical store on the Western slope for sure. Amazing selection of buds and concentrates! They also have an awesome edible assortment and really high mg edibles which is nice compared to other places only holding 100mg edibles. Go check em out, you will not be disappointed!

Taylor Mcmahon

This is the best medical dispensary on the Western slope, and that is a fact. The flower is righteous and always changing, and whatever your ailment may be these guys have a strain for it. Not to mention an ever changing selection of concentrates as well. Ryan and Trevor are the most respectful, helpful , and down to earth dudes, honestly the best budtending experience I've had. Don't miss this place, it's right off the highway and well worth your time.

Shmance Hanson

I love, love love the boys over here! You can't go wrong with ANY of their stuff! They know what they are talking about , they are honest with me and know what is going to work for me and what won't. They make you feel Welcome and give you their full attention . Seriously the best dispensary around! Go in and tell them what ever your health symptoms are and they will guide you towards what will make you feel better.I have even had these guys tell me not to get certain things because they wouldn't be strong enough for me, I mean really these guys are really awesome! Wonder woman, blue dream and Jedi kush are the best ones. I have gone to the other stores around here and I don't have nice things to say about them at all!

Go to Green Meadows Dispensary and see O'Ryan, The Jedi or Professor Pot :) tell them Sarah sent ya !

Sarah Watkins

I travel from Olathe for there selection on everything. There bud tenders are always so nice and helpful, And there products are all the bomb brands I love.

Sage Bingham

Great shop with great medicine and a great staff!! They also have a full CBD section which is awesome. By far the best place to go and well worth any distance drive that has to be made. Green Meadows all the way!!

Jake Laurita

Love Green meadows!!! Best dispensary in Montrose CO! They are always so friendly, have great bud, and awesome prices!

Jessi Lynn

These guys grow some dank buds and are super friendly and knowledgeable - best med store on the western slope imo

Stacie Busby

every one there is very friendly,and answers my questions and are able to help in the needs that I`m looking for ,and a great staff

Lelia wood

Always an amazing selection, with friendly and highly knowledgeable staff. Always my first choice!

preston porter

Amazing little Dispensary, the staff are very knowledgable, and the product is second to none! Best in the valley

Post McStoned

Great quality, very amazing staff best place to go if your in montrose area

Javi Aguilar

Friendly..knowledgeable....great selections.....good stock...always stocked! Best place around.

sue carter (stillwater)

MEDICAL DISPENSARY, NOT REC!!! This place is absolutely amazing! Great staff, great environment and I highly recommend!

Trash Email

Best medical shop in the area! Friendly, knowledgeable, and a good variety.

Chans Hundley

The employees here are extremely knowledgeable and kind plus a good selection of MMJ products.

Adam Good

Best staff, bud, experience and prices in the area hands down!

L McKay

Great products affordable prices and friendly staff

Tammy Gonzales-Neil

Great service. Best medical on Western slope of Colorado. No Recreational marijuana.

Nancee White

Nice place! Cool people! Good prices!

Robert Johnson

Excellent service very friendly and helpful would recommend highly !!!

Kim Kettle

Great selection and people!!!!!! Definitely my go to hands down!!!

Fightforfire 13

Excellent cannabis fresh and affordable

Chauncey Evans

Great place to get medicine.

Devlin Clark

Great place to do business

Charles Kacso

Great fast knowledgeable service

Tristen Chavez

Guess What, Delta Location Now Open!!!

Lorenzo Mtnsheep

Kind individuals that care about their patients.

Elizabeth Bennett

Top Shelf

John Harkins