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Are you searching for high-quality cannabis edibles for sale? Need to visit a trusted CBD shop? Stop by Green Meadows in Montrose or Delta, CO. Our staff members are highly knowledgeable about our products, and we're ready to provide you with exceptional customer service the moment you walk into our shop. From cannabis flower to THC concentrate, we have it all.

Visit our cannabis dispensary and CBD shop today. We can't wait to serve you.

We can help you find the perfect THC or cannabis product

We carry a wide variety of products at our cannabis dispensary and CBD shop, including:

  • Cannabis and CBD flower products
  • Edible cannabis and CBD products
  • Cannabis and THC concentrates
  • Disposable cartridges
  • Salves and tinctures

Please note that we don't carry any delta-8 products.

Call 970-252-1811 (Montrose) or 970-399-7663 (Delta) today to learn more about all the cannabis and CBD products we sell. We'll be happy to answer your questions.

Why choose Green Meadows?

We take pride in providing high-quality cannabis and CBD products to our customers. Locals in Montrose and Delta, CO choose us as their go-to cannabis dispensary and CBD shop because:

  • We have over 14 years of industry experience
  • We're very knowledgeable about each of our products
  • We provide outstanding customer service
  • We offer top-quality cannabis and CBD products

You can count on us to make your experience an enjoyable one. Stop by our cannabis dispensary and CBD shop today.